Welcome To The Acoustic Emporium

Who are We?

The Acoustic Emporium is a non-profit regular gathering place for those who love to listen to great live acoustic-based music.


Anybody who loves the roots/alt/folk/singer songwriter genre!


The Acoustic Emporium is looking for high quality music – which means great musicians.  Some of the musicians will be those who travel and are on tour, but there will also be a regular diet of “local musicians” who open for these more well-known artists.  Any local artists who fits the general acoustic genre is welcome to contact us and share a sample of their music for consideration.


We meet in the old downtown Emporium – a heritage building that was built in the early 1900’s. This space will also be shared with other groups that use the space on other days of the week.


  •  To provide a place where people can regularly enjoy great live music in Chilliwack
  • To provide a place where conversations and friendships can develop between people who share a common love for acoustic based music
    • To encourage local music and musicians as a by-product of having a place to listen and perform their original music

Contact Us

Contact Vern Tompke or Luke Vandevert at info@acousticemporium.com.


One thought on “Welcome To The Acoustic Emporium

  1. Ted Pilkington

    Hi Luke
    Re local talent, is preference artists who write ther own material solely, or do you consider those who supplement their original repertoire with songs of other singer/songwriters as well?
    Great concept, I hope it flies.

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